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Let's Boost Employee Wellbeing!

Provide lunches for your whole team even when remote!

Everyone picks their 

own meals

We deliver at the start 

of the week

Everyone has healthy 

grab & go lunches

How it Works

  • Boost Employee Wellbeing

Covid has made life really stressful! Having a healthy lunch prepared for you is one of the best self-care things you can provide! 

  • Improve Productivity

Remote work can be tough with sharing space with roommates and families. Keep your team fuelled and focused!

  • Control Spending

You select the deal and spending that fits your team and never go over that! If your employees don't use the perk you don't get charged.

Perk Options

Subsidized Meals

  • Employees select the number of meals that work for them
  • They pitch in so they only order what they need
  • Average cost is $25-$35 a week per employee (based on 50%)

Gift Card

  • Employees are given a fixed dollar amount for meals each week
  • $50 is equivalent of up to 6 or 7 meals on our site
  • You are only charged if the employee uses the gift card

Why Employees Love Oco Meals

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