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Reusable Containers and Bags

Update March 25 2020: Temporary Transition to Single-Use

Using single-use containers is something we try hard to avoid. Unfortunately, our supply chain has been disrupted and we can't get enough reusable containers.We will start transitioning to recyclable single-use containers starting March 25th and into the foreseeable future. We hope you understand. Please don't forget to recycle.Our bags and ice packs are still reusable so please ensure they are regularly returned to us. 

Due to COVID-19, we want to be clear about how we handle our resuable containers and bags. Every resuable food container is run through a Vancouer Coastal Health certified commercial sanitizer before reuse to ensure it meets the highest food-safe standards.Coolerbags and icepacks are sanitzed with disinfectant before each use. 
Please visit our FAQ if you have additional questions. 

Container  care instructions

1. Clean containers.

2. When containers are dry please stack separately and put them back in the bag with the ice pack.

3. Then set aside to exchange at next week's delivery. 


Dishwasher-safe. Freezer-safe.Microwave-safe; heat food up to 212°F.

Container features

These food containers do not absorb odors keeping your meals fresh longer!

Completely BPA Free.

Lid  care


1. Clean lids.

2. When dry please stack lids separately and put them back in the bag with the ice pack.

3. Then set aside to exchange at next week's delivery. 

Leave the lid ajar while heating to release steam.  Microwave-safe; heat food up to 212°F. Dishwasher-safe. Freezer-safe.

Lid features

Snap-and-lock lid creates an aroma-tight seal, so your meals stay fresh longer.

Leak-proof lid prevents super annoying spills.  

Completely BPA Free.

bag care


We've partnered with Gomae Meals to provide you these reusable bags!

To clean wipe with a damp cloth and leave it open to dry. 

bag features

Made with a Natural Cotton Jute Body.  Double zipper top lid keeps everything secure inside the bag.

The durable Jute material gives these bags a more rigid structure so they don't fall over when you're loading or unloading them.