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Modern Meat 'Crab Cake' Entree

Modern Meat 'Crab Cake' Entree

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Plant-Based modern meat crab cakes with vegan tarragon remoulade and crunchy coleslaw

Portion Size: 250g. Most people consider this item Small

Freshest Before: 3 days after delivery

Instructions: Remove lid and remove sauce. Heat on high for 2 min 30 sec, stirring halfway through. Stove (Recommended): Preheat Pan On Medium Heat. Sear “Crab” Cakes For 2 Min On Each Side. Allow To Rest For 1 Min Before Serving. Serve crunchy coleslaw And Tarragon Remoulade Chilled.

Ingredients List: MODERN “CRAB” CAKES (white root vegetable, red onion, bell pepper, pea protein, fresh dill, fresh lemon, old bay, vegan mayo, kosher salt, tabasco, rice bread crumb, potato starch), MODERN TARRAGON REMOULADE (capers, dill pickles, fresh dill, fresh lemon juice, fresh tarragon, kosher salt, tabasco, vegan mayo, white onion), celery, grapeseed oil, kosher salt, lemon juice, onions, parsley

Calories: 597 Protein: 12 grams Carbohydrates: 22 grams Fats: 52 grams

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