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Considering Chefs Plate?

Unless you love the time spent putting their meals together and aren't concerned with price you should give Oco a try!

Why Choose Chefs Plate?

  • If you love the process of cooking: putting ingredients together and doing the dishes
  • If you are not trying to save time
  • If you don't mind their 15 item menu
  • If you are not concerned about price

Why Choose the Oco Community?

  • Time: most people save around 25 hours a month after switching to Oco
  • Price: Most people save around $150 a month after switching to Oco
  • Variety: if you never want to get bored of your food
  • Support Local: all our food is made by 20+ local small businesses

Popular Menu Items

$25.99 (4-5 servings)

"5 Stars! So good! The curry sauce is creamy and well seasoned. Highly recommended." ~Ana P

$19.00 (2 Servings)

"Has a bit of a spice, just the way I like it. Great vegetarian curry, good portion for either lunch or dinner. Chickpeas make it more filling."

~Elaine A

$26.99 (4-5 servings)

"Tasty! Really fair price for a tasty and honest meal. And just the right size too :)"

~ Flavia G

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